Privacy Policy Benefits – Fly-Line

Benefits at a glance

Fly-Line® attractions in Europe which are located in areas that are normally frequented by tourists, have shown visitor numbers of approximately 30,000 to 35,000 in the first six months of operation.

Fly-Line® is suitable for all ages and can cater to people with mobility considerations Appeals to the spirit of soft adventure under controlled conditions High-grade materials
and well thought out design that guarantees a long service life
For existing tourism locations High visitor traffic with low personal input
Benefits to the investor
  • Success proven concept
  • Low breakeven point
  • Ideal courses can hold up to 200 visitors per hour
  • High ROI
  • Comprehensive business plan available on request
  • Exclusive developing and operating rights which controls competitor landscape
  • Easy to operate and maintain requiring only a small number of staff
Benefits to the landowner at the selected location
  • Sharing of costs for existing attractions
  • Additional income from License / Royalty fee
  • Economic Development in the region, which supports the local population
  • Increase visitation and utilisation of the proposed location
Benefits for Visitors
  • An increasing number of people are looking for a temporary retreat into nature to free and expand their minds and support general well-being
  • The feeling of euphoria is evoked by overcoming mental barriers and conquering fears
  • Visitors to the Fly-Line® will leave with an enhanced appreciation of their abilities
  • Benefits to the community
  • Employment of around 15-20 full and part time staff
  • Provides additional amenity value for local and wider communities
  • More income for the region through tourism spend and ability to increase the length of stay in the region
  • Encourages regional dispersal and seasonality to reduce tourism pressures
  • Protecting natural flora and fauna by allowing controlled access
  • Education for people of all ages including children and school groups